Our story began with love in 2015.  

To be more specific, it began with two couples, Maranda and Jared Dahl, and Timmie and Neil Schneider.

Elizabeth Babinski began her first wedding business after being asked by Maranda and Timmie to officiate their weddings. As she began to officiate more and more, Liz noticed that wedding parties were often mixed, with both men and women on both sides.

Additionally, she noticed that the options for gender-fluid, gender-neutral, or mixed gender parties were limited.  Liz hoped to change this, so in 2016 she founded Hensa.

Today, we believe in creating clothing that makes people comfortable, not only at weddings, but for all occasions. We want people to know us personally, to know where their clothes come from, and we also want people to feel like they belong somewhere.

If you're reading this, you're a part of our story.

Our story didn't end once the business began. It instead became more alive, and you are what brings it life. So say hello, tell us where you're from, tell us how you found us. We want to get to know you.

Thanks for stopping by.