30 Days of Hensa

  • By Cody Lightfuss

30 Days of Hensa

 We are beyond thankful this year. This year, we’ve had the privilege to design clothing made for all humans. We celebrated this with a party in which nearly 100 bloggers, influencers, models, activists, media, friends and family attended. We connected and collaborated with so many amazing individuals, and this allowed our small company to become just a little bit larger.

We’re ending the year by recreating, rebuilding, and redesigning our sizing chart, our products, and our impact on the community to construct a fashion brand that truly empowers our customers to wear clothing to express who they are, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. 

None of this could have happened without you. You browsed our website, you purchased our products, you attended our events, and you supported us throughout this journey. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to use the inspiration you provide us to make beautifully designed, genderless clothing. 

For the next 30 days, we’re celebrating the holidays and we’re celebrating you by highlighting the charities we’re partnering with to give back. We’re excited to share their stories with you, to share more about our design process, and to ultimately give back to the community what it gave to us. 

Until December 25th, use the code GIVE30 to take 30% off your purchase, and in return, 30% of the profits will be given to the following charities:

The Ali Forney Center


The Trevor Project


Thank you, and Happy Holidays!



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