#bebold - Navita

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#bebold - Navita

Guyanese. Immigrant. First Generation College Graduate.

Navita has been breaking barriers since she first came to the United States thirteen years ago. Coming to the US, she was already faced with the barrier of being born out of the United States. She withstood growing up being treated differently and feeling like an outcast due to being a woman of color. She felt many years of being judged by this criteria, rather than the work she had done or her merit.

Though, Navita shared with us three incredible takeaways from all of this:

1) We choose to be fearful, and we choose to be strong. Being bold means that I choose to be strong everyday.

2) Being bold means living life for me and remembering that I am my worst critic, and some days, I just need to celebrate the wins.

3) Being bold means continuing to dream big and continuing to chase each dream and goal, regardless of how difficult or impossible they may seem.

Today, Navita is not only a first generation college graduate, but also a graduate from law school. She currently works as a lawyer in Minneapolis.


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