#bebold - Grace

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#bebold - Grace

Growing up Asian-American, Grace has always felt torn between Asian and western beauty standards. From being told that she “looks pretty for an Asian” but not feeling accepted by Asian beauty standards, she never truly felt home. She first felt this when she was visiting family in Taiwan, as she was exposed to their beauty ads. “I was too tan to be beautiful in Asia, and not structured enough to be admired in America. My eyes and body were too small in both.”

But instead of continuing to feel this way, she decided to bring diversity to fashion. To open the market’s eyes to what is real and what is happening in the world, and to set a standard for what really is considered “beautiful.”

It is not an easy feat, to challenge the way fashion has though for ages, knowing that being a petite Asian American model is unheard of. “I know it's a tough industry, but the hope of bettering someone else's future and making them feel just a little less "other" keeps me going.” She is faced with uncertainty, but chooses to be bold to create change.


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