#bebold - Aidan

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#bebold - Aidan

At just seventeen years old, Aidan has already switched schools more times than he can count. “I have moved schools too many times now to even keep track,” he said. From switch school to school to having to make new friends consistently, it hasn’t brought a lot of long-term friendships into his life, leaving him to feel alone a lot of the time.

Though, Aidan finds happiness in gaming where he has also made many close friends. Because these friends aren’t in school, he is able to always keep in contact with them. “Without them, I would have felt so alone. Once again, I changed schools again this year, and this time I’m fearless.”

Between gaming and making new friends, Aidan loves to hang out with his dog and skateboard in his free time. He would love to visit Iceland and Japan, and in the end, he would like to be remembered as the guy that gets along with everyone and makes them laugh.

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